At Rotsvast , we follow clear steps to allocate rental properties to people who want to rent. We do this according to the rules of the Good Landlord Act, with the goal of clarifying the allocation process transparently for parties involved. We want to ensure that the process is fair.

What do we want to know about you?

- First and last name
- Address
- Phone number
- E-mail address
- Copy of identification (passport photo and BSN number are not required in the copy)
- Family composition
- Monthly net income
- Income statement tax office
- Employment contract(s) and/or employer statement(s)
- Amount of current rent
- Tenant statement
- Information for a housing permit if obtaining one is required in the municipality

Rotsvast does not ask about your ethnicity, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, gender identity or your physical or mental health.

How do we choose who gets the property?

Response speed

First come, first served. In case of many responses, some prospective tenants may not be invited for a viewing and may be rejected.

Source of income/type of employment contract

Prefer an indefinite employment contract with a reputable employer. With other sources of income there are obviously opportunities as well. Level of income also plays a role.

Thorough and verifiable rental history

Preference given to prospective tenants with a positive and verifiable landlord statement.

Positive screening of ID proof and solvency

Identity must be verifiable, and financial standing is thoroughly screened.

Household composition

Allocation takes into account appropriate occupant composition per dwelling.

Appropriateness in (the vicinity of) the property being offered

The location and characteristics of the property can influence the suitability of prospective tenants.

Award client

The final choice lies with the client, not the rental agent.


Rotsvast assures that any form of discrimination in the allocation of rental properties to prospective tenants is avoided. Rotsvast bears no responsibility for the actions of principals, and out of respect for privacy laws, Rotsvast does not provide basic information of prospective tenants to third parties.

This procedure is based on new legislation and was adopted by Rotsvast on Dec. 21, 2023. Hardly any guidance was provided by the legislature in its enactment, so this procedure is pioneering. Any liability of Rotsvast for adverse consequences of using (the text of) this procedure is excluded.