As both me and my wife, Olivia, are sensitively creative spirits, we always felt energetically attracted to The Netherlands. No matter how much we had travel, Netherlands always remained one of the favorite our personal top of places where we would love to spend our life. And that is because our lifetime and creative inspiration comes out of a happy combination of factors as peace and positive energy, a general high level of education and high developed system infrastructure.

We are two successful freelancers who came here together with their remote clients and remote projects and who decided to spend their incomes in The Netherlands for having a quality life. We started by renting an Airbnb for one month to test how it is to live here, not only as a tourist, but to get the proper vibe. We found that place in the type of area we were thinking of moving, country sided, far away of crowded and noisy cities. We enjoyed the experience so much that we returned in our country, fixed all the logistics and few months later, we returned to another Dutch Airbnb, for four months, aiming to find a long term rent.

Through Ms Angelique and Rotsvast Middelburg we found pretty fast the perfect home to start our new life! The experience was magical by all means, as the owner shares so many common passions with Olivia (my wife), the neighbors are simply amazing, extremely friendly and helpful people and the area is actually the perfect place for an East-European Expat to start, but also to remain for a new life in Netherlands. We like so much here, it is simply perfect for our spiritual and material needs.

We actually moved to The Netherlands because we feel attracted to the Dutch culture, to the general high class visual taste, to the general positive and inspiring energy of the place. Even we were born, grown and developed in the post-communist Eastern Europe we feel the Dutch values are defining us and what are we aiming for. High quality people will be always recognized by high quality people, no matter their native culture.

We would kindly thank to Ms. Angelique for having such high sense of finding the perfect matching people!

Regards from Olivia & Costin