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Would you like to rent out your accommodation in Nijmegen in a carefree and professional manner?

Personal service, one contact

Careful screening of potential tenants

Combined rental, financial and/or technical management

Residential rental by Rotsvast Nijmegen

Rotsvast Nijmegen took over a stable portfolio in 2021 and is expanding with it at the Krayenhoff Barracks, where the office is located. We are part of the national cooperative Rotsvast and we cooperate a lot with Rotsvast Den Bosch and Tilburg.

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Personal & dedicated

Renting out your property is an important step that needs to be taken carefully. That's why we take the time to personally guide you through the rental process. Our dedicated team in Nijmegen is ready to support you and answer all your questions. Together with you, we will search for the ideal tenant for your property(s).

Large network of potential tenants
Comprehensive screening of potential tenant
Our team is a bridge between landlord and tenant
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Rental & management property

Do you not only want to offer your home(s) for rent, but also have them managed? As a professional rental agency, we can also take the financial management and technical management out of your hands, so you can rent out your property carefree.

Monthly rent collections and monitoring of rent payments
Announcements and implementation of rent increases

Knowledge of rental law and municipal rental regulations regarding residential rentals

VBO and VerhuurVeilig certification.

The rental process

Let our dedicated team help you rent out your living space(s) and benefit from our personalized approach. We are ready to assist you. Check out the steps of our rental process below:

Free introduction and consultation
Intake of living space and setting up online window display
Your living space(s) offered through our own platform, Pararius and possibly Funda
Viewing and comprehensive screening of potential tenant
Agreement, handling rental agreement and digital check-in report
Possible takeover of housing management

Also managing through Rotsvast Nijmegen?

More information?

Are you considering renting out one or more properties through Rotsvast Nijmegen? Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then contact us directly or request an introductory meeting without any obligation using the form below. We would be happy to help you!

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