Trying to sell your house? 

Selling a home involves being faced with important decisions to make. Rotsvast is engaged, brainstorms together with you and provides custom advice. We provide advice on the right asking price and selling strategy, and will mediate the entire sale process. Opting for a Rotsvast agent means choosing flexibility, customer-friendliness and quality. Below we touch on the different steps in the process.

From the decision to sell, to the right asking price

The sale of your home requires a professional and engaged strategy, and starts with an accurate appraisal. An asking price that is too high will lead to a much longer sale period (will be on the market longer), but can ultimately also result in a significantly lower selling price. Our in-depth knowledge of the market allows Rotsvast to propose a realistic asking price that will be to your advantage upon eventual sale of the property.

From advertising plan, to a home ready to be put up for sale 

Based on expert advice on the elements to be implemented and the associated costs, the decision will ultimately be yours: 

  • advertisements in regional and/or local newspapers;
  • a professional sales brochure;
  • a “For Sale” sign;
  • an online house auction;
  • listings on other housing websites.

You really won’t need to take a 3-week interior decorating course to get your home ready to put on the market – but everyone knows how a simple mini-makeover can really do wonders: Tidying up the house and cleaning windows, leaving the dog at the neighbours’ house, opening all the curtains for maximum light, setting the heating to 21°C, tidying up the garden, etc. 

But Rotsvast can also give your home an all-out make-over by enlisting a professional style consultant/interior decorator to maximise your sale prospects. Here, too, we will advise you, but the decision will ultimately be yours.

From viewing, to negotiation

Experience has shown that potential buyers ask more questions when the property owner is not present during viewings. Rotsvast answers technical and legal questions, informs the client on financial aspects and provides extra information when requested. We look at the property in an objective manner. Moreover, we can almost instinctively know when a bid has been brought out, allowing us and the client to play into it effectively.

Het eigendom wordt overgedragen bij de notaris. De notaris verzorgt de verdere financiële afwikkeling; bijvoorbeeld de verrekening van de ozb, waterschapslasten, betaling voor achtergebleven goederen, makelaarskosten en een eventuele aflossing van een lopende hypotheek. Rotsvast controleert en begeleidt de overdracht, inclusief inspectie van de woning.

From purchase agreement, to the notary 

Rotsvast will draw up the purchase agreement which will include the selling price, date of transfer, an extensive questionnaire and a list of items to stay behind with the property, potentially to be offset from the sale price. Contingencies, e.g. unsuitable financing conditions or negative inspection results, may also be included in the deed of sale. 

Ownership of the property will be transferred at the notary office. The notary will facilitate the further financial settlement; e.g. off-setting of the OZB (Land Value Tax), water board taxes, payment of items left behind, realtor fees and, if applicable, amortization of a current mortgage. Rotsvast will verify and implement the transfer process, including inspection of the property.