Buying or selling a house 

Do you want to buy or sell a house? They are both exciting periods with a lot of difficult choices. We are happy to make these choices easier for you. Read on to find out what we can do for you in buying or selling a house.

Buying a house

You will find an extensive offer of homes for sale throughout the Netherlands on the website of Rotsvast. Buying a house is often a very important and emotional decision. You want to make the right choice. Rotsvast is happy to help you during this search with ideas and suitable advice. Besides, we can function as purchase broker, help you with the negotiation and support you with the transfer of ownership at the notary.

More about buying a house
Selling a house

Selling a house is a complicated process which involves a lot. For example, setting the asking price. You want to sell your house for as much as possible. However, when you set an asking price that is too high, it can extend the selling period and finally provide a lower sale price. We are happy to help you with these important decisions. We give advice about the right asking price and selling strategy. Moreover, we guide you through the entire selling process. 

Selling your house



Why selling or buying a house through Rotsvast?



  • Rotsvast gives an objective advice, so you do not have to be afraid for hidden defects in your new house.
  • Rotsvast offers the involved and expert approach which is necessary when you want to sell your house.
  • Rotsvast is flexible, customer-friendly, and strives for quality.
  • Rotsvast relieves your during the entire buying and selling process.


Do you like to know more about the possibilities in buying or selling your house through Rotsvast? Please full out the contact form for a non-binding consultation!