Renting a house in Haarlem?

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House for rent Haarlem

Are you looking for a house to rent in Haarlem? Then why not get in touch with Rots-Vast Group? You have the option of renting one of our houses for either shorter or longer periods. We cater to both private individuals as well as to foreign companies and their employees.

Houses for rent in Haarlem - What's on offer?

Rots-Vast offers a wide range of rental accommodation in Haarlem And we trust you will succeed in finding the right house for you. We have terraced housing, detached and semi-detached houses available as well as several period mansions on offer.

Renting a semi-detached house in Haarlem

Are you looking for a semi-detached house in Haarlem? Then please take a look at the semi-detached houses in Haarlem we currently have on offer. A big plus to these houses is that only one side of the house is shared with your direct neighbours. We offer semi-detached houses either carpeted, furnished or unfurnished.

Renting a terraced house in Haarlem

We also have terraced houses available for you in Haarlem. Our terraced houses also come with a range of options in different price ranges. Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll start looking for one that matches your request. You are, of course, free to take a look at the semi-detached houses we currently have on offer.

Renting a period mansion in Haarlem

Haarlem features some lovely period mansions in both the down-town and surrounding areas. We can also help you in finding one of these lovely Haarlem gems. So, should you wish to opt for the style and luxury of a period mansion, then please enquire with us regarding availability.

Renting a detached house in Haarlem

Should you be looking for a bit more privacy, then perhaps a detached house might suit your requirements. We not only offer period mansions in the Haarlem city area, but also in the surrounding towns.

For questions please fill out the form, or you can of course always visit our office. Our staff are ready to help!