Constant is an unbroken residential tower with 84 apartments and parking spaces. The apartments are deregulated and all have individual outdoor space, storage and parking. The Turfschip is located in the center of Breda on the Chasséveld and includes 29 deregulated apartments on the 5th to 10th floors.
Board chairman Hans Pars said, "With the proceeds from our property holdings in the expensive rent (free sector), we want to build affordable and sustainable rental housing for our tenants in the city.
Director of Lymos, Jan-Willem Dijkhuis: the purchase fits well with the buyer's strategy to build a high-quality and sustainable real estate portfolio in the coming years, focused on good locations in powerful economic regions within the Netherlands.
Chanine van Kleij, housing corporation specialist at Capital Value: 'Given the type of product, deregulated housing in the higher rental segment, the location and the size, there was great interest from both national and international investors. WonenBreburg can further focus on serving its target group through this sale. A nice transaction between a corporation and an investor'.
The homes will be managed by Rotsvast Breda.